forget passwords and seed phrases









Built for WebAuthN devices

Built upon the latest FIDO WebAuthN standards, Eden utilizes newly available extensions such as PRF and largeBlob to enable this new ultra-secure authentication protocol to be used for wallet generation.

Due to being at the bleeding edge of what is possible with modern internet security devices, it currently has limited support for Chrome browsers with (or only using) iOS devices as authenticators. More support for additional browsers and authentication devices coming soon!

Setup in seconds without passwords

Register an account within your browser using any independent two-factor authentication device with secure biometric capabilities and get a new wallet setup within seconds. No need to remember passwords or write down any seed phrases or backup shards.

WebAuthN private keys are stored within dedicated hardware enclaves within the authenticating device and never leave their home. Utilizing domain-based usernames allows for cross-device compatibility if used in conjunction with cloud-based keychains such as Apple PassKeys.

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